Need to know how to sell a home fast, even though the holidays are speedily approaching? If you’re thinking of throwing up your hands and giving up hope until the new year, we’re here to offer hope: There’s still time!

Because here’s the deal: As eager as you may be to sell your home before the holidays, plenty of people out there are dying to buy a place before the holidays descend, too. So if you play your cards right, it is entirely possible to not only find a buyer, but also close the deal and move out before Santa’s sleigh starts making the rounds.


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Here are some insider ‘Tricks of the Trade’ on how to sell a home fast, even during a hectic Holiday Season:

1. SLEIGH YOUR COMPETITION WITH SPECTACULAR ONLINE LISTING! As the saying goes “the weather outside is frightful” this time of year so local home buyers prefer to do their looking online before they brave the elements. Making your home as alluring as possible through professional photos and videos will help inspire buyers to put on their hats and boots to come for a personal look. Most home buyers scrutinize potential homes through online listings before reaching out. Making sure your listing is up to date with optimal information and photos is key!


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2. DON’T OVER DUE YOUR HOLIDAY DECOR! Too many decorations and adornments can overcrowd a room making it looks small and distracting buyers at the same time. Simple is best. Play up the achritectural features such as fireplace or staircase to showcase how great your home could look for the holidays. Buyers want to envision their family and friends gathered to celebrate a 1st Christmas in their new home. Add twinkle lights to a fireplace or a festive centre piece to your dining room table. Its a great opportunity to create a “WOW’ moment amongst buyers. Beyond home decor, write a well worded and distinctive property description that highlights features that really count during this time of year. “Enjoy the warmth of the Holiday Season in this spacious living room with gleaming hardwood floors & gas fireplace with hearth” for example.


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3. BE FLEXIBLE WITH SHOWINGS! If you want multiples offers for your home, Buyers are going to want to have a look in every nook and cranny first so you will need to let them in. Keep your home clutter free and as available as possible for last minute and short notice showings. Its often difficult to show houses during the holiday season with homeowners out of town and guests coming to visit. At the end of the day, the more open, available and flexible you are as a homeowner for showings, the more your home will be viewed and a greater chance for a sale! Consider planning a themed open house and offering up some holiday treats. Its a fun way to showcase your home but also will create home buying excitement.


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4. MAKE SURE YOUR HOME IS MOVE IN READY! Having your home pre-inspected before you list will make your home more marketable and accelerate the sale. Buyers feel safer making an offer on a home that is an open book during the home selling process. If any issues are discovered  during the inspection it will allow you the opportunity to remedy before you put the for sale sign on your lawn. The cleaner and more issue free you can make your home, the faster it is likely to sell.  Also it allows you to spotlight the assets of your home – updated wiring, furnace and c/air (3 years), new roof – these are huge selling point and your home inspection report will reflect all of the improvements and upgrades you have made.


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5. CURB APPEAL AS ALWAYS IS A TOP PRIORITY! As the leaves begin to fall, bare trees will expose more of your home – so touch up paint, clean the gutters & wash windows, put away summer planters, rake leaves and trim up over grown landscaping. Paint the front door, hang a festive wreath and and a decorative welcome mat. Keep potential buyers safety in mind by ensuring walkways & stairs are free of ice, snow and leaves. Show off 4 season outdoor features such as a hot tub or fire pit!


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For more tricks of the trade or to discuss how I can help you sell your home quickly and for top value during any season call me today at Manor Windsor Realty Ltd. Alison Martel, Sales Representative. 519-551-4139.